What You Should Know About Reusable Masks

Striped reusable masks on the table
Striped reusable masks on the table

We All Need To Protect Ourselves

The Covid-19 pandemic brought attention to the benefits of using face masks. However, some people in East Asia wore reusable face masks long before the pandemic. For some, it was a way to keep the cold away, while others wore masks to control the spread of flu in their homes. 

Many Singaporeans were not using reusable masks. In the first few months of the pandemic, only 24% of Singapore residents wore masks. However, a survey carried out in April 2021 showed at least 90% of Singaporeans wore masks. A large majority use a reusable mask Singapore. 

Advantages Of Using A Cloth Face Mask

When debating between disposable and reusable masks, you need to look at the advantages of each. The Singapore reusable mask is washable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. You can also wear it fashionably by buying reusable face masks of different colours and styles. Some people are more comfortable in cloth masks because they find the fabric breathable. 

How To Wear And Remove Reusable Face masks

Masks are effective only when they are handled correctly. Unfortunately, many reusable masks do not fit right around the nose and chin. Some people get reusable masks that are too small because those fit snugly. However, this can be quite uncomfortable and will ultimately shorten the life of the mask since the fabric will be overstretched. 

Today, some of the reusable masks come with adjusters to help ensure it fits perfectly. If you cannot get a reusable mask that is a perfect fit, then you can get an adjuster. 

When removing your reusable mask Singapore, you need to ensure your hands are clean. If you handle your mask regularly, especially when you are away from the public and need a break from wearing a mask, wash your hands first. 

You may not be able to fully avoid coming into contact with microbes because they are everywhere. Cleaning your hands will help ensure you keep the microbes off your mask and face. Remove your face mask by holding the ear loops. 

You should then fold the mask with the outer part folded inwards. This will help keep the microbe on the outer part of the mask from the inner part of the mask.

Storage Of The Reusable Mask

If you intend to wear the mask again, put it in the pouch or zip lock bag. 

Avoid handling your mask when still wearing it. This is why you need to ensure the Singapore reusable mask fits well. When comfortable, you can wear the mask for longer, and you will not be tempted to keep touching the mask. 

How To Wash A Reusable Face Mask

It is best to wash the reusable mask in Singapore daily. However, if this is not possible, store the used masks in a bag. After washing the masks:

  1. Keep them in a clean, sterile pouch.
  2. If possible, have more than three reusable masks, especially if you are out in public frequently.
  3. Avoid using one mask for more than a day before washing because this exposes you to the viruses and bacteria you are avoiding. 

Final Notes

The Singapore reusable mask is made from different types of fabric. Cotton is often preferred because it is comfortable. However, some are made from blends to take advantage of the properties of the different types of fabric. Choose one that you find most suitable. However, when you notice the fabric has worn out, avoid wearing the face mask since it will not provide you with the protection you need.