Experts Advice For Choosing Shower Taps In Malaysia

Shower tap and bathtub set
Shower tap and bathtub set

Shower Taps Are Essential Item In A Bathroom

Homes are not built every day and when you plan to build one, you would like to have all the essentials in that. Your buying power also determines what you intend to buy and at what price. If you are new in the field and have no experience, then taking expert advice in Malaysia can help you in not only selecting the appropriate choice for your bathroom, it can also keep your budget in line. 

How To Choose A Shower Tap

The article will help you in deciding from the eyes of the expert what to choose and how to choose. Here are the details:

Select The Type And The Bathroom Configuration: 

Market in Malaysia has both combinations of shower taps plus bathtub faucets and the other single shower head. There are some categories in shower tap and you can select either one of these:

The Single-Headed Spray Shower: 

There is a total of four to more shower nozzles in this category which are single. Water is splashed out in the form of a spray. The nozzles are also adjustable and with the help of a small detachable lever, can be removed and attached easily. With the help of this adjustment, the water flow can be changed from spray form to the stream pattern.

The Rain Shower: 

The rain shower works like a rain splash. These are flat and larger which makes them suspended above the user’s head. With a regular splash of water, bathing becomes a fun activity.

The Multiple Showerheads: 

There are dual as well as multiple heads which works in the form of multiple showerheads. Since these are mounted together but can be operated with the help of a single handle set. 

The Hand-held Shower Head: 

This means a single shower head that can be used for showering hair and reach those places which are otherwise hard to reach. If you intend to sit while taking shower, then this time is made for you.

You Need To See The Water Pressure In The Shower Tap: 

Normally, the water pressure varies from 40 to 60 pounds of water per square inch. Many hardware companies and stores offer testing services that can help you determine the water pressure for your house shower. For fixing any clogging in future, see for the thickness of the pipes in terms of diameter and water pressure accordingly. 

The Required Accessories: 

There are some accessories along with a shower tap, which will be required by you when making a purchase. 

Hand Showers:

 For installing a hand shower, you will be needing extra holes within the tub or a shower wall. With a hand shower, it will be easy for you to wash your bathtub as well.


With the help of diverters, the water will flow from the spout to the showerhead. The diverters are present on the spout. You need to pull the diverter for activating the shower head.

Valve For Balancing Pressure: 

With the help of a pressure-balancing valve, you can adjust the water temperature to keep it cold or hot. The pressure of the water then drops slowly.


Since experts in shower tap in Malaysia are in the business for years. Thus, it is good to ask them about bathroom designs in Malaysia before buying any accessories so you purchase the right thing and waste no money on extravaganza.