How To Choose The Faucets For Kitchen And Bathroom Sinks

gold and silver faucet
gold and silver faucet

Consider These Factors When Buying A Faucet

If buying a faucet was easy, you would walk into a store and pick any that catches your eye. Unfortunately, it is so easy to buy the wrong faucet if you do not consider several things about your household and the suitability of the different types of faucets. 

As you choose the best faucet for your kitchen and bathroom sinks, you need to consider;Who will be using the faucet?

The location of the faucets.

The type of sink

Your budget.

Your faucet can last years before you need to repair or replace it. Unfortunately, if the faucet is unsuitable, you may find yourself shopping for a replacement sooner than you expect. 

Who Is Using The Faucet?

Do you have children? Do you have the elderly in your home? What about someone with special needs? As you analyze the different faucets, ask if any of the family members will have difficulty operating them.

If your child, parents, or any other family member will find it challenging to work with the faucet, even if it is your first choice, you need to consider an alternative. Usability and safety should be your priority.

For example, if your child is yet to develop his motor skills fully, you need to choose a tap that he can easily use without your help. If a family member has poor eyesight, you may need to get a faucet with handles that can help them differentiate the hot water lever from the cold water.

Alternatively, you can go for touchless faucets since the temperature and pressure are already set. You also won’t need to worry about hygiene. 

The Location Of The Faucets.

The location of the faucet will determine how tall or short the spout will be. If it is a kitchen sink, do you have a cabinet above the sink that will interfere with a long spout? Do you want a faucet that makes it easier for you to clean and fill pots away from the sink? If so, a pull-out faucet is most suitable for your kitchen.

If the faucet is for your bathroom, consider how well the faucet will fit in with the rest of your bathroom fixtures, The faucet is supposed to complement the lighting, mirror, and other accessories. 

The Type Of Sink

The sink is probably one of the things that will greatly influence your choice of faucets. Kitchen and bathroom sinks are available in different shapes and sizes.  

A faucet with a long spout is unsuitable for a shallow and small sink because the water will splash beyond the sink. A small faucet is unsuitable for a large sink. Not only is it not proportionate to the size of the sink, but the water can easily flow out because of the lack of balance. 

Your Budget

Faucets are available at a range of prices. Some of the traditional faucets tend to be cheaper than the more recent innovations. When budgeting for a faucet and other accessories, you need to consider other additional costs, such as installation.

Some of these taps are easy to install without the help of a professional. However, some are more technical. If you cannot afford to pay someone to handle the installation, it may be best to get an easy-to-install faucet. 

These are some of the main considerations you need to have when choosing a faucet for your kitchen and bathroom faucets. Once you get the best faucet, you can now choose the best finishing, which your home decor will influence.

Why a Local Custom Embroidery Company is The Best Choice

embroidery string in a tailors stock
embroidery string in a tailors stock

All About Embroidery Printing

When searching for the best supplier for custom embroidery printing in Singapore for your company’s promotional items, you will undoubtedly request quotations from multiple companies. Your choice will undoubtedly be influenced by the company’s expertise and the affordability of the printing services. Sometimes, a company based out of the country may appear better suited, but there are reasons why you should go for an embroidery printing company in Singapore. 

It is Easy To Monitor The Progress.

If you cannot afford any delays, then you need to ensure your custom embroidered items are delivered in time. Unfortunately, it is difficult to monitor a company that is providing the service from afar. You can easily go to a local company to ascertain that the embroidering printing is taking place and that delivery will be done within the expected period. 

Face-To-Face Meetings Are Important For Complex Projects.

Coming up with a design for custom printing can be complicated, considering the dos and don’ts. Companies in Singapore that offer embroidery printing services also offer advice on designs. For example, complex designs are hard to interpret when embroidered. 

However, how can you tell if a design is simple enough, too simple, or complex? Having professionals at hand to guide you will come in handy. 

Additionally, a face-to-face meeting allows you to raise your concerns easily. Open communication will ensure you get a good design that will look awesome in custom embroidery print.  

Avoid Shipping Delays

Once a company based out of the country ships the custom embroidered products, they have no control over what happens between then and the moment you receive the products. Shipping delays are common, and there are various reasons for this. 

Unfortunately, if you have prepared to launch a product on a specific date and need the promotional items, any delays will affect your plans. A local company will be more reliable. In cases when you have bulk orders, you may even start receiving partial deliveries as you prepare. At least you will be confident that you have promotional items to give out. 

Request Samples Before Mass Production

An embroidery printing company in Singapore may be willing to physically deliver a sample of your order so that you can give the go-ahead for mass printing. You may miss this stage should you choose to place your custom embroidery printing order with a company that is based abroad. 

Online samples can be deceptive. For example, the colour may not be the true representation of the finished product. Unfortunately, when you give the go-ahead after seeing the online sample, there is no going back. You may be stuck with an embroidery print you don’t like. 

It is Easier To Get Accountability.

Even after approving an embroidery print sample, several things could go wrong. The stitches may be altered, the wrong thread used, or the company may delay the delivery. It will be easier to put a local company to task for any eventualities regarding your order of custom embroidered products. 


There are many advantages to using local companies offering embroidery services. Not only is this beneficial to your business, but the local economy as well. Ultimately, local embroidery printing companies pay taxes and support the greater economy because you supported them. 

Experts Advice For Choosing Shower Taps In Malaysia

Shower tap and bathtub set
Shower tap and bathtub set

Shower Taps Are Essential Item In A Bathroom

Homes are not built every day and when you plan to build one, you would like to have all the essentials in that. Your buying power also determines what you intend to buy and at what price. If you are new in the field and have no experience, then taking expert advice in Malaysia can help you in not only selecting the appropriate choice for your bathroom, it can also keep your budget in line. 

How To Choose A Shower Tap

The article will help you in deciding from the eyes of the expert what to choose and how to choose. Here are the details:

Select The Type And The Bathroom Configuration: 

Market in Malaysia has both combinations of shower taps plus bathtub faucets and the other single shower head. There are some categories in shower tap and you can select either one of these:

The Single-Headed Spray Shower: 

There is a total of four to more shower nozzles in this category which are single. Water is splashed out in the form of a spray. The nozzles are also adjustable and with the help of a small detachable lever, can be removed and attached easily. With the help of this adjustment, the water flow can be changed from spray form to the stream pattern.

The Rain Shower: 

The rain shower works like a rain splash. These are flat and larger which makes them suspended above the user’s head. With a regular splash of water, bathing becomes a fun activity.

The Multiple Showerheads: 

There are dual as well as multiple heads which works in the form of multiple showerheads. Since these are mounted together but can be operated with the help of a single handle set. 

The Hand-held Shower Head: 

This means a single shower head that can be used for showering hair and reach those places which are otherwise hard to reach. If you intend to sit while taking shower, then this time is made for you.

You Need To See The Water Pressure In The Shower Tap: 

Normally, the water pressure varies from 40 to 60 pounds of water per square inch. Many hardware companies and stores offer testing services that can help you determine the water pressure for your house shower. For fixing any clogging in future, see for the thickness of the pipes in terms of diameter and water pressure accordingly. 

The Required Accessories: 

There are some accessories along with a shower tap, which will be required by you when making a purchase. 

Hand Showers:

 For installing a hand shower, you will be needing extra holes within the tub or a shower wall. With a hand shower, it will be easy for you to wash your bathtub as well.


With the help of diverters, the water will flow from the spout to the showerhead. The diverters are present on the spout. You need to pull the diverter for activating the shower head.

Valve For Balancing Pressure: 

With the help of a pressure-balancing valve, you can adjust the water temperature to keep it cold or hot. The pressure of the water then drops slowly.


Since experts in shower tap in Malaysia are in the business for years. Thus, it is good to ask them about bathroom designs in Malaysia before buying any accessories so you purchase the right thing and waste no money on extravaganza. 

How To Get The Best Style From Your Custom Cargo Pants

Red pants and outfit
Red pants and outfit

Cargo Pants Trivia

Did you know that cargo pants were first developed in 1938 by and for the British Armed Forces? Since then, the pants have been adopted by members of various professions, including paratroopers and actors. Cargo pants are considered practical, and due to their baggy nature, they are ideal when one is interested in a casual look. 

However, recent productions of cargo pants offer flexible, customizable options to make the pants an everyday option for official and casual wear. If you love custom made cargo pants, you can work on various parts to make them fit right. 

Slim The Sides 

Skinny custom cargo pants are not ideal. However, you better err on the slim side than having too much excess fabric. For best results, aim for at least an inch of excess fabric at the hips to allow you some space to move easily. In essence, your custom made cargo pants can be as loose or as tight as your chino pants. 

Taper The Pants From The Hips To The Ankles

The era of huge cargo pants is gone. Like the chinos and jeans, custom cargo pants that are slimmer at the ankles are more appealing. You can custom-make your cargo pants to reveal the shape of your legs by tapering the cargo pants from the hips downwards. 

This makes your cargo pants stylish and gives you greater flexibility on what you choose to wear with the pants. For example, you can achieve a casual, formal look by pairing your cargo pants with a shirt and a blazer when it has a slim fit. 

Let Your Footwear Influence The Length Of The Pants.

Before customising your cargo pants, it would be best to have an idea of the shoes you would wear. Your shoes will enhance the appeal of the custom cargo pants. So before deciding the length of the pants, consider how well they will look with different footwear. 

For example, if you wish to pair your custom made cargo pants with boots, you don’t want the pants to be too long because they will cover your boots. Since tucking in the pants is out of the question, you can adjust the length to sit at the same length as the boots. 

If you opt for drawstrings at the hem and wish to pair the pants with heels, you can choose to have your pants be any length you wish, between the knees and ankles. 

Determine A Reasonable Number Of Pockets

One of the defining features of the cargo pants is the pockets. The extra pockets on each leg are plenty enough. You don’t need to consider adding more pockets. However, to avoid looking ridiculous with bulging pockets, especially if you have opted for slimmer custom cargo pants, you should avoid overloading the pockets. 


You can explore various styles to make your custom made cargo utility pants as unique as you wish. You may choose to alter the waist and any other part to suit your style. However, before undertaking any alterations, it is best to have an idea of the style you find most suitable. 

What You Should Know About Reusable Masks

Striped reusable masks on the table
Striped reusable masks on the table

We All Need To Protect Ourselves

The Covid-19 pandemic brought attention to the benefits of using face masks. However, some people in East Asia wore reusable face masks long before the pandemic. For some, it was a way to keep the cold away, while others wore masks to control the spread of flu in their homes. 

Many Singaporeans were not using reusable masks. In the first few months of the pandemic, only 24% of Singapore residents wore masks. However, a survey carried out in April 2021 showed at least 90% of Singaporeans wore masks. A large majority use a reusable mask Singapore. 

Advantages Of Using A Cloth Face Mask

When debating between disposable and reusable masks, you need to look at the advantages of each. The Singapore reusable mask is washable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. You can also wear it fashionably by buying reusable face masks of different colours and styles. Some people are more comfortable in cloth masks because they find the fabric breathable. 

How To Wear And Remove Reusable Face masks

Masks are effective only when they are handled correctly. Unfortunately, many reusable masks do not fit right around the nose and chin. Some people get reusable masks that are too small because those fit snugly. However, this can be quite uncomfortable and will ultimately shorten the life of the mask since the fabric will be overstretched. 

Today, some of the reusable masks come with adjusters to help ensure it fits perfectly. If you cannot get a reusable mask that is a perfect fit, then you can get an adjuster. 

When removing your reusable mask Singapore, you need to ensure your hands are clean. If you handle your mask regularly, especially when you are away from the public and need a break from wearing a mask, wash your hands first. 

You may not be able to fully avoid coming into contact with microbes because they are everywhere. Cleaning your hands will help ensure you keep the microbes off your mask and face. Remove your face mask by holding the ear loops. 

You should then fold the mask with the outer part folded inwards. This will help keep the microbe on the outer part of the mask from the inner part of the mask.

Storage Of The Reusable Mask

If you intend to wear the mask again, put it in the pouch or zip lock bag. 

Avoid handling your mask when still wearing it. This is why you need to ensure the Singapore reusable mask fits well. When comfortable, you can wear the mask for longer, and you will not be tempted to keep touching the mask. 

How To Wash A Reusable Face Mask

It is best to wash the reusable mask in Singapore daily. However, if this is not possible, store the used masks in a bag. After washing the masks:

  1. Keep them in a clean, sterile pouch.
  2. If possible, have more than three reusable masks, especially if you are out in public frequently.
  3. Avoid using one mask for more than a day before washing because this exposes you to the viruses and bacteria you are avoiding. 

Final Notes

The Singapore reusable mask is made from different types of fabric. Cotton is often preferred because it is comfortable. However, some are made from blends to take advantage of the properties of the different types of fabric. Choose one that you find most suitable. However, when you notice the fabric has worn out, avoid wearing the face mask since it will not provide you with the protection you need. 

Factors You Must Consider When Choosing a Mattress in Singapore

Choosing a mattress in Singapore is by no means an easy task. One wrong move and you will have to endure using an uncomfortable mattress for the next few years. If you don’t want that to happen, then you must consider important factors like its size, height, the material it is made from, and so on before making a final decision. 

Never should you buy a mattress just because a friend or family member bought it or said it’s great. The obvious reason for this is that we have different comfort needs. This means that, a mattress that is comfortable for some may be uncomfortable for others. That’s why you have to try out a mattress before making a purchase. 

In this article, we are going to be taking a close look at some key things you should pay keen attention to when buying the best mattress in Singapore

This article by Europeanbedding sheds light on some factors you should consider when buying a mattress in Singapore. 


Getting the proper sleep you need, with the right mattress, can help boost your mood, energy & concentration. That being the case, you’ll need to make sure you select the best mattress for yourselfRead more here

You are definitely now abreast with some ten important factors you should carefully consider before buying a new mattress. You also now know that comfort is the single most important factor you should give preference to regardless of the mattress you are opting for. Read the next article carefully if you are looking to purchase a pocket spring mattress. 

The following article by Marchh unveils some of the best pocket spring mattress brands in Singapore. 

19 Best Pocket Spring Mattress Brands in Singapore

Sleep takes up about one-third of our lives. Getting a good night’s sleep is very important and goes a really long way in ensuring that our mind and body stay healthy and in optimal conditionRead more here. 

You surely now have a clear picture of what some of the best pocket spring mattress brands in Singapore like Seahorse, kIng Koil, Noa, HipVan, Castlery, Spring Air, Therapedic, and Simmons, just to mention a few have to offer. The reason why these brands are rated so highly is that, they offer premium quality mattresses that can cater to the needs of a lot of Singaporeans. As you likely know, spring mattress isn’t for everyone. So, if you are looking for a top notch regular mattress, you are going to find the next article helpful. 

The following article by Meg Riley is a comprehensive guide in choosing a high-quality mattress that will not only satisfy your sleeping needs but serve you for a long time. 

Best Mattress of 2019: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you’re shopping for a new bed, learning about the best mattresses of 2019 is an excellent way to make sure you choose a good one. It’s also helpful to know which ones don’t fare so well to avoid the dudsRead more here.

The above article has armed you with the intricate information you need to narrow down top-notch mattresses in Singapore. Even more, it has brought to light some ten mattresses like- promotional mattresses, hot memory foam, thin mattresses, and overly soft or firm mattresses. 

Final note

The odds of you picking the right mattress for your specific needs, without first doing deep and extensive research and trying them out in person is very slim. 

Without guidance, chances are you are going to buy the wrong mattress. The obvious reason for this is that you know very little or nothing about the materials mattresses are made of, terminologies used, and the sales tactics adopted by marketers. 

Of course, there are a lot of things that can help you in this regard, but the most important one is considering your sleeping needs. 

A Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress in Singapore

Do you know that the mattress you sleep on can affect your sleep quality? What this means is that if you sleep on a comfortable mattress, you will wake up relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on your day. On the other hand, if you sleep on an old, saggy, and worn-out mattress, chances are, you are going to wake up feeling untested, sore, or with body pains. No one wants that. And that is why every day, thousands of Singaporeans replace their old mattress with a new one that offers superior comfort. Want to join them? If yes, you are going to benefit from this article, as it contains the information you need to narrow down the best mattress that will suit your sleeping needs. 

The following article by Womensweekly sheds light on some effective tips that can help you choose a good mattress. 

How to Choose the Best Mattress to Suit Your Sleeping Needs and Beat Body Aches

Looking for a good night’s sleep? Whether you’re plagued by insomnia or if you wake up with body aches all the time, the issue could be with your mattress. It’s recommended to change your mattress every eight to ten years. Read more here.

You surely now have a clear picture of some eleven tips that can help you choose the right mattress. If you have difficulty choosing between the top notch mattresses on the market, then you should read the next article, as it unveils some of the leading mattress brands in Singapore. The good thing about these brands is that they offer premium quality that a lot of Singaporeans love. 

The following article by theweddingvowsg unveils some eight popular mattress brands in Singapore. 

 8 Popular Mattress Brands in Singapore

You are probably aware that buying the right mattress is key to a good night’s sleep. Our earlier issue covered the online mattress stores with free trials that allow you to test out the mattress in the comfort of your home – up to 100 days! We all know the bigRead more here.

As you can now tell, the eight mattress brands discussed in the above article has a lot to offer. One thing these mattresses have in common is the out-of-this-world comfort they offer. So, if you want to have a restful slumber each night, then you should consider buying any of them. 

The following article by harwarezone shed light on the answers to some questions about mattresses that may likely have crossed your mind. 

Mattress – which brand/types? Part 2

At those prices, we can get latex already. Can get latex, why take memory foam that releases plenty of VOC and trap heat? Between the two Kingcoil, one is a cotton layer plus 1.5 in latex top, the other is a latex top. I will take the pure latex top. Read more here.

Your curiosity has definitely been satisfied as you now know the answers to some puzzling questions about mattresses like – the differences between latex and memory foam, some key things you should keep in mind before making a purchase, and some top notch mattress brands. 

Final note 

To choose a sturdy mattress that will stand the test of time, you are going to need all the help you can get. Considering factors like the material a mattress is made of, its size and thickness, your bed base, and a few other things can also help. 

Never should you choose a mattress that doesn’t have a warranty, regardless of how cheap, comfortable, and sturdy. If the producer of the mattress can’t stand behind their product with a warranty, chances are, it is of low quality and may fall apart after a few months or years of usage. 

To ensure that you don’t make the wrong decision, only buy in shops that allow you to test the mattress for a given period. At the end of the period, if you aren’t satisfied, the core of the mattress will be changed. 

Best Places to Buy a Top-notch Mattress in Singapore

If you have made the big decision to change your old and saggy mattress that offers very little or no comfort with a new one, the next thing that is likely going to be on your mind is finding a good mattress store where you can make a purchase. As you know, Singapore is home to a lot of mattress stores. While some are great and offer a wide range of mattresses, others offer low-quality mattresses that may fall apart after a while. 

If you are looking for a great place to buy a mattress in Singapore, you are going to benefits from this article, as it unveils some popular stores that specialize in mattresses and other related accessories in Singapore. 

Of course, you have the freedom to take the alternate route and buy your mattress online. But, before taking this path, you need to bear in mind that buying things online is somewhat risky. For example, the mattress that you picked may not be great as it looked on your computer screen, as it may not suit your sleeping needs and preferences. If you don’t want this to happen, then you should buy your mattress at a store, not online. 

This article by Furnituresingapore unveils some of the best stores to buy a mattress in Singapore. 

 Mattresses in Singapore – Where to Buy?

So you’re looking to purchase a new mattress for your home? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, you’ll find all the information to help you make the right decision, to get the best mattress for your needs and budget. Read more here

The above article has certainly brought to light some of the leading mattress stores in Singapore like- Tilam King, Serta, Dunlopillo, Courts, and Harvey Norman. One striking thing about these stores is that they offer a different type of mattress that you may not see in a general furniture outlet. Are you a side sleeper? Are you looking for a mattress that can address your sleeping needs? If yes, you are going to find the next article helpful. 

The following article by Lulu Chang sheds light on some of the best mattresses for side sleepers. 

The best mattresses for side sleepers

Finding the perfect mattress is tough for side sleepers, so we’ve done the research and some testing to bring you the best of the best. The fully customizable Helix mattress is our top pick because you can actually design it to suit your specific needs. Read more here.

If you have read the above article, you will likely know why most mattresses on the market aren’t suitable for side sleepers. You also know some of the best mattresses in Singapore for side sleepers. Do you know that most mattresses in Singapore are too hard and too short? If you are an expatriate or Singaporean, and this bothers you, then you should read the next article carefully. 

The following article by Kel Flanders sheds light on some key things you should do if the mattress you come across while shopping is too hard or too short. 

Mattresses: Too hard or too short? It does matter!

Is your mattress uncomfortable or just old? Having a good comfortable one is so important, but buying a bed in Singapore might be a little more tricky than in your home country. Typically, mattresses in Asia are a lot firmer, and the QueenRead more here.

You now know why most King, Queen, and other bed sizes in Singapore are usually firm and short. You also now know some top-notch stores like European Bedding, Willow Mattresses, and Danish Design Co, which can customize the firmness of a mattress to suit your unique needs. 

Final note 

Buying a mattress online is not really a good idea, especially if you have a unique sleeping need, as there may be no way for you to test it before making a purchase. 

The best course of action, therefore, is to buy from a reputable store that offers a wide range of mattresses and other accessories you may need. 

Presently, there are a lot of mattress stores in Singapore. Since all of them aren’t the same, it is wise that you do deep and extensive research before visiting any of them. It is also a good idea to consider factors like your weight, health condition, warranty period, and so on. 

Small Bathroom Accessory Ideas for Your Home

bathroom designs singapore

The HBD flats in Singapore provide affordable housing and are favoured by millions of Singaporeans interested in the benefits offered by this housing project. Unfortunately, the average size of the bathroom in some of the public housing facilities are less than 3sqm.

Although this seems too small to accessorize attractively, bathrooms of any size can be made to be more aesthetic. There are bathroom accessories for spaces of different sizes, so even though a larger bathroom may seem elegant, a small bathroom can be equally appealing without being overcrowded.

In the following article, Trine Bretteville discusses ways to enhance your small bathroom, while leaving it clutter-free.

Affordable Accessories to Use in Small Bathrooms

“Bathroom layouts can be challenging, but a small bathroom can be particularly challenging. If your bathroom is short on space and you need some small bathroom ideas to make it work, then you have come to the right place.

Every day here at RoomSketcher, we see hundreds of bathroom designs, floor plans and remodeling projects, from all around the globe. We work with customers just like you to help you create floor plans and to visualize your design ideas in 3D. One of the projects that we see people struggle with the most is small bathrooms.” Read more here

Undoubtedly, it is much easier to get accessories for a big bathroom because you can use several items that complement one another. Smaller bathrooms are a little more complicated because you don’t want to use too many accessories. Sometimes three fixtures may even be too much. The trick with small bathrooms is to go with the minimalist approach, and at the same time, use accessories that give the perception that the room is larger than it is. For example, you can use wall mirrors to reflect more lighting, wall-mounted toilets to create more space, and opt for a shower instead of the bathtub.

The author of the following article in discusses some of the ways you can accessorize a bathroom if you are looking for a modern style.  

Bathroom Accessories for a Modern Bathroom Design

“We all spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so it’s only right that we should make them into a simply gorgeous place to be. Unique bathtubs, sleek vanity units and modern toilet designs come in all shapes and sizes, to suit spaces and budgets both large and small. Aside from the essential facilities, bathrooms can be accessorised with chic dispensers and storage. Lighting is an integral piece of the puzzle when designing a bathroom retreat too, as light can entirely change the mood of a space.” Read more here

The amount of natural light coming through your bathroom is critical for your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal in modern bathrooms. Wide windows and wall mirrors are commonly used in the design of modern bathrooms. A glass medicine cabinet placed on the wall, whether vertically or horizontally, is a great addition. If possible, including a sliding door to the outdoors to increase ventilation and to introduce the concept of nature into the design. If you love greenery, you can create a garden in the bathroom, by having potted plants or if you have space, create a green area in your bathroom.

In the following article, Evans gives a list of at least 10 places where you can buy bathroom fixtures in Singapore.

Places to Buy Bathroom Accessories in Singapore


“During our home renovation, we visited numerous sanitary ware shops in Singapore to find the best bathroom fittings for our house. Based on our visits and research, we have compiled a list of 10 showrooms and shops below. They have been arranged into three categories: Classy Showrooms, Jalan Besar shops, and Geylang shops. Ultimately, we bought our bathroom ware from our two favourite shops: Summer Hardware Trading and KHK Asia. This article was last updated on 03 November 2019.” Read more here

Singapore has plenty of places where you can purchase bathroom accessories. The major brands, like Kohler and Toto, have showrooms, some of which are run by distributors, such as KHK Asia. Other major distributors for Duravit, Bravat, and Hansgrohe, include Econflo Systems. If you are interested in a one-stop-shop where you will find a range of products from various manufacturers, you should visit hardware stores that have a range of home products, including bathroom accessories.

Having a budget is a critical step in finding the ideal location for the purchase of bathroom accessories for your home. Find out the average price of bathroom accessories, and if the rates are beyond your budget, find out if there are any sales taking place at the moment, or if there are any scheduled. If you have a small bathroom and find it difficult to accessorise your bathroom, you can try to find ideas from interior design professionals. They understand how best to recreate small spaces.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Kitchen Faucets in Singapore

kitchen faucets in singapore

The kitchen faucet is an essential purchase since it is the outlet through which you access water for cleaning, drinking, and cooking. Your daily hygiene, especially when working in the kitchen, relies on the water flowing from the kitchen faucet. Modern faucets have evolved greatly from the traditional taps. They now come in various designs and styles to fit your kitchen design. They are also more user friendly, so you get to choose the one you feel works best for you. Browse some well-known and classic kitchen faucet styles here:

The writer of the following article in looks at the various types of faucets in the market.

Types of Kitchen Faucets


“The tap is the gateway to the liquid of life, i.e. water. From cleaning, cooking and drinking, we turn on the tap for our daily hygiene and refreshment activities. Yet, it is also one of the most overlooked and taken for granted feature of the sink. What good is a sink without a kitchen faucet and tap?

Remember the traditional taps that require some energy to turn them on and off? Well, today’s modern taps have evolved to become sleeker and more user-friendly. These days, you just need to flick the lever to adjust the water flow and temperature.” Read more here

The kitchen faucet is today both functional and aesthetic. The type of tap you choose will either enhance your kitchen’s appeal or look out of place because it is the wrong type. The faucet you buy should allow you to sufficiently control water flow, and possibly water temperature. Some of the kitchen faucets you are likely to find when shopping for one include the single handle, dual handle, pull down, pull out, and motion detector faucets. These are not only different in design, but in price as well. So, other than looking at the style most suitable for your kitchen, you need to pick one that fits your budget.      

In the following article, the writer discusses some of the things you need to have in mind when buying a kitchen faucet.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Faucet

“Faucets come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few things to consider when finding the faucet that’s right for you.


Avoid a tiny faucet on a big, bold sink, and vice-versa. Also make sure that the style, such as contemporary or classic, matches that of the sink. Look for a faucet that directs water into the center of the bowl. For a large sink consider a tall gooseneck or one with a pull-out spray. If the faucet’s too short it may not reach far enough. Make sure your new faucet matches the correct hole drillings in your sink, 4″ centers, 8″ centers, or single hole.” Read more here

The kitchen faucet you choose should be practical. You need to look at your kitchen’s layout and appliances to determine if the faucet you want will be the right fit for the kitchen. Other than looking at the faucet size against the kitchen sink, you need to look at the type of handles, kind of mounting, and the technology used. Some of the kitchen faucets in the market are also dripless and can last years without resulting in water loss. Some water taps are also great at conserving water, so in the long run, such faucets help you to keep your water bills low.

The following article by LWK Kitchens in discusses some of the overlooked features of kitchen faucets but are critical when buying one.

Why the Type of Metal Matters When Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

“The tap plays a key role in every kitchen. With each household member using it for different purposes throughout the course of an average day, you want one that not only looks great, but is high-quality, long-lasting and can suitably meet all of your different needs. With designs available in all shapes, colours and sizes, read on to check out some of the different options ‘on tap’, plus other points to consider when making your decision.” Read more here

 When shopping for a kitchen tap in Singapore, you’ll discover taps made from different metals.

Sometimes, your kitchen décor will influence the faucet metal you choose. For example, a stainless-steel faucet will look out of place in a kitchen with a rustic finish. Instead, a brass, copper or bronze faucet might be more befitting. Silver taps have a softer appeal compared to stainless steel and are the perfect faucet for a kitchen that is both modern and traditional.

Additionally, it is easier to keep brushed stainless steel taps cleaner than shiny taps.

There is a lot you need to consider when choosing a kitchen faucet. Before you go out to look for a kitchen faucet, you need to have a list of features for the ideal tap. This will make the selection process easier because you will be overwhelmed by the different types and designs of taps you’ll find in the market.

How the Kitchen Sink Influences the Type of Faucet You Buy

kitchen tap singapore

Do you feel it is time to renovate and upgrade your kitchen? The facelift should not just be about your kitchen appliances, but plumbing fixtures as well. Modern fixtures differ greatly from the old tap models, both in design and functionality.

Technological advancements and improved product designs have led to the introduction of more efficient kitchen faucets and taps. Faucets made of different materials have also given consumers a greater choice based on their style and their kitchen’s décor.

In the following article, Pei Ying discusses the various sink materials and designs and the most suitable kitchen taps to use.

Choosing a Kitchen Faucet Based on the Kitchen Sink Material, Size and Depth


“Buying a kitchen sink and faucet isn’t the most exciting thing, and with the vast amount of choices out there, doesn’t make for a fast decision either. So we put together the basics of what you need to know in this guide, from the materials you can choose to the different features to look out for, so you can shop quick and informed. “ Read more here

When shopping for a kitchen sink in Singapore, you’ll find that you have different options. Each material has its pros and cons, so you should make a choice based on what works best for you. Some of the sinks include those made from stainless steel, fire clay, ceramic, granite, and composite, which is a blend of materials. So, a kitchen faucet made of stainless steel is better suited for a stainless-steel sink. It would be best if you also considered buying small and tall faucets for small and larger sinks, respectively.

The admin of, in the following article, discusses some of the places in Singapore where you can find kitchen faucets.

How to Determine Where to Buy Kitchen Faucets

“With the amount of cleaning and washing of utensils and cookware in the kitchen, it is important to have a tap that is not only durable but also offers a certain style to your kitchen as well. That’s why we have gathered the 7 top places to get your new kitchen taps

 Wasser Bath Pte Ltd

When it comes to the best suppliers of kitchen taps Singapore has to offer, Wasserbath is definitely high on that list.

Latest technology

With their latest technological innovations, they bring to you the smart touch mixer tap. The tap only activates upon your touch without the need for any levers or buttons. This makes it more water efficient and convenient to operate.” Read more here

Singapore has plenty of establishments that sell an array of kitchen faucets. How do you choose where to get one for your kitchen? You need first to have a checklist of places that either sell all kinds of faucets for people with different budgets. Some, focus exclusively on luxury brands, and if these taps are beyond your budget, you should probably consider alternative stores. Some stores only stock taps that sell quickly, so you may miss out on some of the designs and brands that would be perfect for your kitchen because they are not in stock.

The writer of the following article in appreciates that you cannot look at the kitchen faucet without looking at the sink. You need to pay close attention to the type of sink you buy, almost as much as you do the kitchen faucet. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Kitchen Sinks

A hardware store can tell you everything under the sun about kitchen sinks, but they won’t tell you this – sinks aren’t as hardy (or well designed) as we think, and many problems arise over time, ranging from the dirty, unsightly to the dangerous!

In fact, most common sink models suffer from these 5 secret issues, which could potentially harm your kitchen (and health)! We reveal what are they, and why iQuartz’s revolutionary flush-mount Hachi Sink is the ultimate sink to put those woes to rest. Read more here

The two main types of kitchen sinks in the market are the top mount and under-mount sinks. As the names suggest, top mount sinks are fixed from the top of the countertop, while the under-mount sink is placed from the bottom. Unfortunately, both types of sinks can store lots of dirt at the seams if you are not keen when cleaning. Sinks also chip or scratch, depending on the type. You should be keen when selecting a kitchen faucet because chances of sink damage are higher when the faucet is low lying.

The process of selecting a kitchen tap and sink is more involving than simply choosing what you like. It is best for you to analyze the pros and cons of the various kitchen faucets and sinks to determine which one is ideal. If you are not buying the sink and faucet combos, you need to make sure than the faucet you choose looks great with the sink before buying it.

Knee Replacement Surgery Procedures in Singapore

Do you have problem in carrying out normal routine tasks? Are you planning to go for knee replacement surgery and in a fix whether to go for it or not? Here is the answer, the article will help you in making up your mind. Knee replacement surgery is not an easy decision for a person. It involves finances as well as intense pain. However, one-time pain of the surgery is better to have painless life ahead.

Currently, there are two types of knee replacement surgery procedures being operated in Singapore, both depend upon the kind of lifestyle one have has and would like to keep in future. More information can be found at Providence’s knee surgery page here.

Total Knee Replacement

This process involves the replacement of the complete knee joint, also the ligament of the knee. This type is considered to be most effective and people undergoing are expected to have long life ahead. The success rate of this type is also pretty high and patient after surgery also feel less to no pain in their knees. When patients are asked, they feel better after surgery, however have to undergo longer time for recovery and coming back to routine life. However, many say they never feel having natural knee since touch of artificial knee remains there.

Partial Knee Replacement

As the name indicates, the partial knee replacement only replaces some portion or part of the knee which is mainly damaged and causing pain. It is similar to a dentist when he cares for the aching tooth by repairing only a part or patch. Doctors tend to reserve the patients who wish to go for partial knee replacement procedures without going for maximum damage to the knee. During the procedure, surgeons only require incision in some portion which is damaged and avoid doing major surgery to the entire knee. There are some benefits of undergoing partial knee replacement, which are:

The recovery time is less, which means faster recovery. It causes less pain. The level of complication after surgery is less in case of partial knee replacement when compared with complete knee replacement.

Patients who undergo partial knee replacement feel their knees in normal position even after replacement. It is due to the ligaments, both at posterior and anterior positions which provides support and stabilize the knee in their position. The only disadvantage with partial knee replacement is that it may not last for long, whereas durability of knee replacement is more in case of total knee replacement. Knee continue to regenerate in case of partial, thus it can cause pain again in the knee after some time of the surgery.

Whether to go for total knee replacement or partial knee replacement, surgeon decides depending upon the situation of the knee, its condition, and how much pain one can bear. Also it is also dependent upon the condition of the knee whether patient can prolong it with partial knee replacement or is needing complete replacement. So, to adopt either one of these, it is better to consult orthopedic surgeon.

Treatment Options for Knee Osteoarthritis

The degenerative nature of arthritis means that the earlier you seek treatment, the better. As soon as you start noticing the symptoms of osteoarthritis, such as pain in the knees, swelling, or difficulty moving, it would be best if you saw a doctor for a diagnosis. Once the doctor establishes that you have osteoarthritis of the knees, you need to start treatment. Proposed remedies may include physical therapy, anti-inflammation and pain medication, posture training, and lifestyle changes. Read more about arthritis knee treatments here:

In the following article, Garrett Hyman, MD, MPH, discusses the various treatments of the osteoarthritis of the knee, and how the severity of the condition influences the therapy to use.

Steps Followed in the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis  

The earlier knee arthritis is treated, the more likely knee pain can be relieved and the less likely it will get worse. Knee arthritis treatment may include nonsurgical treatments, injections, and surgery. Typically, nonsurgical treatments are tried first. Surgery is not usually necessary and recommended only when other treatments have been tried and have not adequately relieved symptoms. Read more here

Once knee osteoarthritis is confirmed, doctors always recommend non-invasive treatments first. If the initial treatments don’t work, and surgery is the last resort. You may need to use multiple therapies for the best outcome. A change in lifestyle to manage your weight, medication and physical therapy are always utilized concurrently. If weight loss and physical therapy don’t alleviate the symptoms, therapeutic injections may become necessary.

In the following article, Jonathan Cluett, MD, discusses knee osteoarthritis treatment, including surgery.

Types of Surgery for Knee Osteoarthritis

Arthritis of the knee joint is one of the most common causes of knee pain. There are different types of arthritis that can affect the knee joint, and the treatment may vary depending on the specific condition that is causing the symptoms.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of knee arthritis.1 It is characterized by progressive wearing away of the cartilage in the joint. As the protective cartilage is worn away, bone is exposed, the knee becomes swollen, and activities become increasingly painful. Read more here

Surgery is usually the last resort when it comes to the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Even though doctors try to avoid invasive procedures, surgery is sometimes the only option left. Some operations, such as the knee arthroscopy and knee osteotomy, are minimally invasive. Knee replacement is a major and one of the most common orthopedic surgeries. During the knee replacement surgery, the damaged cartilage is removed, and an implant is inserted.

In the following Wikipedia article, osteoarthritis is looked at in detail, including the importance of education and lifestyle changes in the management of osteoarthritis.

How Your Lifestyle Impacts Your Recovery of Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a type of joint disease that results from breakdown of joint cartilage and underlying bone. The most common symptoms are joint pain and stiffness. Usually the symptoms progress slowly over years. Initially they may only occur after exercise, but can become constant over time. Other symptoms may include joint swelling, decreased range of motion, and, when the back is affected, weakness or numbness of the arms and legs. Read more here

Your lifestyle may have contributed to the wear and tear of your knees. Your involvement in strenuous physical activity, inactivity, or poor eating habits may quickly result in the systemic loss of cartilage in the knee joint. You should pay attention to your weight, and the rate at which you are piling on the pounds. If you are worried about your weight, you should be even more concerned if you start feeling the strain on your knees. If you are taking medication to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, changing your lifestyle will help to reduce your drug usage.

Arthritis of the Knees – Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis affect different joints of the body, including the knees. When coming up with a diagnosis, doctors look at the characteristics of the symptoms to determine if the patient has rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. The doctor will want to know your age when you first noticed the signs, how fast the symptoms develop, the notable changes on the joint, how long the morning stiffness lasts, and other systemic symptoms on the rest of the body. Knee arthritis treatments are available and should be used where needed.

In the following article, the writer explores the different types of arthritis, with emphasis on rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Comparing Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is inflammation of one or more of your joints. Pain, swelling, and stiffness are the primary symptoms of arthritis. Any joint in the body may be affected by the disease, but it is particularly common in the knee.

Knee arthritis can make it hard to do many everyday activities, such as walking or climbing stairs. It is a major cause of lost work time and a serious disability for many people. The most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, but there are more than 100 different forms. While arthritis is mainly an adult disease, some forms affect children. Read more here

The differences between rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are so distinct, that it is quite easy to tell them apart. For example, rheumatoid arthritis can manifest itself at any time, while osteoarthritis begins later in life. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, the degeneration of your joint is rapid, so you’ll notice symptoms evolve pretty fast, while osteoarthritis develops slowly. If the morning joint stiffness lasts for a short while in the morning, usually less than an hour, and returns later in the evening, you most likely have osteoarthritis.

In the following article, the writer discusses osteoarthritis, its impact on the knees, and the treatment.

The Impact of Osteoarthritis on Your Knees

Osteoarthritis (os-tee-o-arth-ri-tus) is the most common form of arthritis, and the knee is one of the most commonly affected joints. Everyone’s joints go through a normal cycle of damage and repair during their lifetime, but sometimes the body’s process to repair our joints can cause changes in their shape or structure. When these changes happen in one or more of your joints, it’s known as osteoarthritis. Read more here

The knee has the largest, and possibly the most important joint in the body. It facilitates your movements, and ease with which you can sit and stand. Osteoarthritis can affect one or both knees. Pain in the knee is one of the symptoms, and it is usually excruciating at the end of the day, or when you move your knee. You may also struggle to take the first steps in the morning due to the stiffness around your knee. This, however, doesn’t last longer than an hour. You will also discover that you cannot comfortably move as fast as you once did, or adequately stretch your legs.

In the following article, the writer discusses the treatment options for knee arthritis.

The Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knees

When it comes to treating osteoarthritis (OA) in your knees and hips, you may have more options than you realize. In March 2014, the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting osteoarthritis research and treatment, updated its recommendations for the treatment of osteoarthritis targeted to different patient characteristics. A group of 13 experts from around the world reviewed the latest research on OA treatments as the framework for the revised guidelines. OARSI published its first guidelines in 2008. Read more here

To effectively manage arthritis, you need to combine drug treatments with alternative treatments to help improve the effectiveness of the drugs. Exercising, weight management, acupuncture, balneotherapy, and the use of canes and crutches will help to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Depending on the severity, your doctor may recommend various medications, including anti-inflammation drugs and topical creams. In some cases, especially in older patients, joint replacement may become necessary.



On average, there are 110 members elected to the RBA, all of whom are entitled to exhibit in the Annual Exhibition which is held in the Mall Galleries in London. The membership procedure is competitive; candidates will normally be expected to have previously exhibited several times with the Society. The election of new members takes place at the AGM, which is usually held during the exhibition. The RBA welcomes submissions of work from young artists for possible inclusion in the Annual Exhibition.


Founded in 1823 by a group of artists who wished to break away from the convention of the Royal Academy, the society still has a forward-looking attitude and uncompromisingly high standards.

With the awarding of the annual British School at Rome Scholarship for drawing, plus the now established Debate, the RBA is active and influential in art education at all levels. This includes junior schools, assisting and maintaining links with schools applying for specialist college status in the visual arts, colleges, and universities.

The importance of creativity in all aspects of the curriculum, at all levels of study is of vital significance for not only does it lead to better results, it is a basic instinct of every child, irrespective of race or religion, and if nurtured will lead to greater tolerance, understanding and respect for each others ideas and cultural background. It is also vital to the economy of this country.


In the past two years, the Society, in partnership with Astor College for the Arts has mounted a national exhibition of students work alongside the RBA Annual Exhibition.


The RBA in association with the Robert Bowman Trust has supported the National Children’s Sculpture Competition. The RBA President Cav. Romeo Di Girolamo was one of the three judges of last years competition and arranged for all the work of the finalists to be exhibited alongside RBA members work at the Annual Exhibition.


A sculpture court created at the Medway Maritime Hospital, Gillingham by Megan di Girolamo and students of the RBA affiliated sculpture course at Aylesbury College, to celebrate the spirit and joy of youth.

RBA History

The Royal Society of British Artists was established in 1823 by a small group of artists who wished to break away from the Royal Academy. One of their main concerns was to establish an alternative exhibition venue to the academy and these efforts were rewarded when enough money was raised to commission John Nash to design and build the Society’s first gallery in Suffolk Street.

Further confirmation of the important position that the society held in 19th Century Britain was the granting of the Royal Charter by Queen Victoria in August 1887.

Since its foundation, the society has had some 36 Presidents, including distinguished names such as James McNeilI Whistler, Walter Sickert and more recently Peter Greenham RA. The society’s current president is Cav. Romeo Di Girolamo. For a list of past Presidents

The society has developed a strong commitment to issues of education and in September 1995 supported the foundation of a new Fine Art course which is based around figurative art, run by Northbrook College in Worthing. The unique course which culminates in the awarding of a BA. (Hons) in Fine Art, is enriched by visiting RBA members.