Why a Local Custom Embroidery Company is The Best Choice

embroidery string in a tailors stock
embroidery string in a tailors stock

All About Embroidery Printing

When searching for the best supplier for custom embroidery printing in Singapore for your company’s promotional items, you will undoubtedly request quotations from multiple companies. Your choice will undoubtedly be influenced by the company’s expertise and the affordability of the printing services. Sometimes, a company based out of the country may appear better suited, but there are reasons why you should go for an embroidery printing company in Singapore. 

It is Easy To Monitor The Progress.

If you cannot afford any delays, then you need to ensure your custom embroidered items are delivered in time. Unfortunately, it is difficult to monitor a company that is providing the service from afar. You can easily go to a local company to ascertain that the embroidering printing is taking place and that delivery will be done within the expected period. 

Face-To-Face Meetings Are Important For Complex Projects.

Coming up with a design for custom printing can be complicated, considering the dos and don’ts. Companies in Singapore that offer embroidery printing services also offer advice on designs. For example, complex designs are hard to interpret when embroidered. 

However, how can you tell if a design is simple enough, too simple, or complex? Having professionals at hand to guide you will come in handy. 

Additionally, a face-to-face meeting allows you to raise your concerns easily. Open communication will ensure you get a good design that will look awesome in custom embroidery print.  

Avoid Shipping Delays

Once a company based out of the country ships the custom embroidered products, they have no control over what happens between then and the moment you receive the products. Shipping delays are common, and there are various reasons for this. 

Unfortunately, if you have prepared to launch a product on a specific date and need the promotional items, any delays will affect your plans. A local company will be more reliable. In cases when you have bulk orders, you may even start receiving partial deliveries as you prepare. At least you will be confident that you have promotional items to give out. 

Request Samples Before Mass Production

An embroidery printing company in Singapore may be willing to physically deliver a sample of your order so that you can give the go-ahead for mass printing. You may miss this stage should you choose to place your custom embroidery printing order with a company that is based abroad. 

Online samples can be deceptive. For example, the colour may not be the true representation of the finished product. Unfortunately, when you give the go-ahead after seeing the online sample, there is no going back. You may be stuck with an embroidery print you don’t like. 

It is Easier To Get Accountability.

Even after approving an embroidery print sample, several things could go wrong. The stitches may be altered, the wrong thread used, or the company may delay the delivery. It will be easier to put a local company to task for any eventualities regarding your order of custom embroidered products. 


There are many advantages to using local companies offering embroidery services. Not only is this beneficial to your business, but the local economy as well. Ultimately, local embroidery printing companies pay taxes and support the greater economy because you supported them.