How To Get The Best Style From Your Custom Cargo Pants

Red pants and outfit
Red pants and outfit

Cargo Pants Trivia

Did you know that cargo pants were first developed in 1938 by and for the British Armed Forces? Since then, the pants have been adopted by members of various professions, including paratroopers and actors. Cargo pants are considered practical, and due to their baggy nature, they are ideal when one is interested in a casual look. 

However, recent productions of cargo pants offer flexible, customizable options to make the pants an everyday option for official and casual wear. If you love custom made cargo pants, you can work on various parts to make them fit right. 

Slim The Sides 

Skinny custom cargo pants are not ideal. However, you better err on the slim side than having too much excess fabric. For best results, aim for at least an inch of excess fabric at the hips to allow you some space to move easily. In essence, your custom made cargo pants can be as loose or as tight as your chino pants. 

Taper The Pants From The Hips To The Ankles

The era of huge cargo pants is gone. Like the chinos and jeans, custom cargo pants that are slimmer at the ankles are more appealing. You can custom-make your cargo pants to reveal the shape of your legs by tapering the cargo pants from the hips downwards. 

This makes your cargo pants stylish and gives you greater flexibility on what you choose to wear with the pants. For example, you can achieve a casual, formal look by pairing your cargo pants with a shirt and a blazer when it has a slim fit. 

Let Your Footwear Influence The Length Of The Pants.

Before customising your cargo pants, it would be best to have an idea of the shoes you would wear. Your shoes will enhance the appeal of the custom cargo pants. So before deciding the length of the pants, consider how well they will look with different footwear. 

For example, if you wish to pair your custom made cargo pants with boots, you don’t want the pants to be too long because they will cover your boots. Since tucking in the pants is out of the question, you can adjust the length to sit at the same length as the boots. 

If you opt for drawstrings at the hem and wish to pair the pants with heels, you can choose to have your pants be any length you wish, between the knees and ankles. 

Determine A Reasonable Number Of Pockets

One of the defining features of the cargo pants is the pockets. The extra pockets on each leg are plenty enough. You don’t need to consider adding more pockets. However, to avoid looking ridiculous with bulging pockets, especially if you have opted for slimmer custom cargo pants, you should avoid overloading the pockets. 


You can explore various styles to make your custom made cargo utility pants as unique as you wish. You may choose to alter the waist and any other part to suit your style. However, before undertaking any alterations, it is best to have an idea of the style you find most suitable.