Small Bathroom Accessory Ideas for Your Home

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The HBD flats in Singapore provide affordable housing and are favoured by millions of Singaporeans interested in the benefits offered by this housing project. Unfortunately, the average size of the bathroom in some of the public housing facilities are less than 3sqm.

Although this seems too small to accessorize attractively, bathrooms of any size can be made to be more aesthetic. There are bathroom accessories for spaces of different sizes, so even though a larger bathroom may seem elegant, a small bathroom can be equally appealing without being overcrowded.

In the following article, Trine Bretteville discusses ways to enhance your small bathroom, while leaving it clutter-free.

Affordable Accessories to Use in Small Bathrooms

“Bathroom layouts can be challenging, but a small bathroom can be particularly challenging. If your bathroom is short on space and you need some small bathroom ideas to make it work, then you have come to the right place.

Every day here at RoomSketcher, we see hundreds of bathroom designs, floor plans and remodeling projects, from all around the globe. We work with customers just like you to help you create floor plans and to visualize your design ideas in 3D. One of the projects that we see people struggle with the most is small bathrooms.” Read more here

Undoubtedly, it is much easier to get accessories for a big bathroom because you can use several items that complement one another. Smaller bathrooms are a little more complicated because you don’t want to use too many accessories. Sometimes three fixtures may even be too much. The trick with small bathrooms is to go with the minimalist approach, and at the same time, use accessories that give the perception that the room is larger than it is. For example, you can use wall mirrors to reflect more lighting, wall-mounted toilets to create more space, and opt for a shower instead of the bathtub.

The author of the following article in discusses some of the ways you can accessorize a bathroom if you are looking for a modern style.  

Bathroom Accessories for a Modern Bathroom Design

“We all spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so it’s only right that we should make them into a simply gorgeous place to be. Unique bathtubs, sleek vanity units and modern toilet designs come in all shapes and sizes, to suit spaces and budgets both large and small. Aside from the essential facilities, bathrooms can be accessorised with chic dispensers and storage. Lighting is an integral piece of the puzzle when designing a bathroom retreat too, as light can entirely change the mood of a space.” Read more here

The amount of natural light coming through your bathroom is critical for your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal in modern bathrooms. Wide windows and wall mirrors are commonly used in the design of modern bathrooms. A glass medicine cabinet placed on the wall, whether vertically or horizontally, is a great addition. If possible, including a sliding door to the outdoors to increase ventilation and to introduce the concept of nature into the design. If you love greenery, you can create a garden in the bathroom, by having potted plants or if you have space, create a green area in your bathroom.

In the following article, Evans gives a list of at least 10 places where you can buy bathroom fixtures in Singapore.

Places to Buy Bathroom Accessories in Singapore


“During our home renovation, we visited numerous sanitary ware shops in Singapore to find the best bathroom fittings for our house. Based on our visits and research, we have compiled a list of 10 showrooms and shops below. They have been arranged into three categories: Classy Showrooms, Jalan Besar shops, and Geylang shops. Ultimately, we bought our bathroom ware from our two favourite shops: Summer Hardware Trading and KHK Asia. This article was last updated on 03 November 2019.” Read more here

Singapore has plenty of places where you can purchase bathroom accessories. The major brands, like Kohler and Toto, have showrooms, some of which are run by distributors, such as KHK Asia. Other major distributors for Duravit, Bravat, and Hansgrohe, include Econflo Systems. If you are interested in a one-stop-shop where you will find a range of products from various manufacturers, you should visit hardware stores that have a range of home products, including bathroom accessories.

Having a budget is a critical step in finding the ideal location for the purchase of bathroom accessories for your home. Find out the average price of bathroom accessories, and if the rates are beyond your budget, find out if there are any sales taking place at the moment, or if there are any scheduled. If you have a small bathroom and find it difficult to accessorise your bathroom, you can try to find ideas from interior design professionals. They understand how best to recreate small spaces.