The Ultimate Buying Guide for Kitchen Faucets in Singapore

kitchen faucets in singapore

The kitchen faucet is an essential purchase since it is the outlet through which you access water for cleaning, drinking, and cooking. Your daily hygiene, especially when working in the kitchen, relies on the water flowing from the kitchen faucet. Modern faucets have evolved greatly from the traditional taps. They now come in various designs and styles to fit your kitchen design. They are also more user friendly, so you get to choose the one you feel works best for you. Browse some well-known and classic kitchen faucet styles here:

The writer of the following article in looks at the various types of faucets in the market.

Types of Kitchen Faucets


“The tap is the gateway to the liquid of life, i.e. water. From cleaning, cooking and drinking, we turn on the tap for our daily hygiene and refreshment activities. Yet, it is also one of the most overlooked and taken for granted feature of the sink. What good is a sink without a kitchen faucet and tap?

Remember the traditional taps that require some energy to turn them on and off? Well, today’s modern taps have evolved to become sleeker and more user-friendly. These days, you just need to flick the lever to adjust the water flow and temperature.” Read more here

The kitchen faucet is today both functional and aesthetic. The type of tap you choose will either enhance your kitchen’s appeal or look out of place because it is the wrong type. The faucet you buy should allow you to sufficiently control water flow, and possibly water temperature. Some of the kitchen faucets you are likely to find when shopping for one include the single handle, dual handle, pull down, pull out, and motion detector faucets. These are not only different in design, but in price as well. So, other than looking at the style most suitable for your kitchen, you need to pick one that fits your budget.      

In the following article, the writer discusses some of the things you need to have in mind when buying a kitchen faucet.

Key Features to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Faucet

“Faucets come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few things to consider when finding the faucet that’s right for you.


Avoid a tiny faucet on a big, bold sink, and vice-versa. Also make sure that the style, such as contemporary or classic, matches that of the sink. Look for a faucet that directs water into the center of the bowl. For a large sink consider a tall gooseneck or one with a pull-out spray. If the faucet’s too short it may not reach far enough. Make sure your new faucet matches the correct hole drillings in your sink, 4″ centers, 8″ centers, or single hole.” Read more here

The kitchen faucet you choose should be practical. You need to look at your kitchen’s layout and appliances to determine if the faucet you want will be the right fit for the kitchen. Other than looking at the faucet size against the kitchen sink, you need to look at the type of handles, kind of mounting, and the technology used. Some of the kitchen faucets in the market are also dripless and can last years without resulting in water loss. Some water taps are also great at conserving water, so in the long run, such faucets help you to keep your water bills low.

The following article by LWK Kitchens in discusses some of the overlooked features of kitchen faucets but are critical when buying one.

Why the Type of Metal Matters When Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

“The tap plays a key role in every kitchen. With each household member using it for different purposes throughout the course of an average day, you want one that not only looks great, but is high-quality, long-lasting and can suitably meet all of your different needs. With designs available in all shapes, colours and sizes, read on to check out some of the different options ‘on tap’, plus other points to consider when making your decision.” Read more here

 When shopping for a kitchen tap in Singapore, you’ll discover taps made from different metals.

Sometimes, your kitchen décor will influence the faucet metal you choose. For example, a stainless-steel faucet will look out of place in a kitchen with a rustic finish. Instead, a brass, copper or bronze faucet might be more befitting. Silver taps have a softer appeal compared to stainless steel and are the perfect faucet for a kitchen that is both modern and traditional.

Additionally, it is easier to keep brushed stainless steel taps cleaner than shiny taps.

There is a lot you need to consider when choosing a kitchen faucet. Before you go out to look for a kitchen faucet, you need to have a list of features for the ideal tap. This will make the selection process easier because you will be overwhelmed by the different types and designs of taps you’ll find in the market.