How the Kitchen Sink Influences the Type of Faucet You Buy

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Do you feel it is time to renovate and upgrade your kitchen? The facelift should not just be about your kitchen appliances, but plumbing fixtures as well. Modern fixtures differ greatly from the old tap models, both in design and functionality.

Technological advancements and improved product designs have led to the introduction of more efficient kitchen faucets and taps. Faucets made of different materials have also given consumers a greater choice based on their style and their kitchen’s décor.

In the following article, Pei Ying discusses the various sink materials and designs and the most suitable kitchen taps to use.

Choosing a Kitchen Faucet Based on the Kitchen Sink Material, Size and Depth


“Buying a kitchen sink and faucet isn’t the most exciting thing, and with the vast amount of choices out there, doesn’t make for a fast decision either. So we put together the basics of what you need to know in this guide, from the materials you can choose to the different features to look out for, so you can shop quick and informed. “ Read more here

When shopping for a kitchen sink in Singapore, you’ll find that you have different options. Each material has its pros and cons, so you should make a choice based on what works best for you. Some of the sinks include those made from stainless steel, fire clay, ceramic, granite, and composite, which is a blend of materials. So, a kitchen faucet made of stainless steel is better suited for a stainless-steel sink. It would be best if you also considered buying small and tall faucets for small and larger sinks, respectively.

The admin of, in the following article, discusses some of the places in Singapore where you can find kitchen faucets.

How to Determine Where to Buy Kitchen Faucets

“With the amount of cleaning and washing of utensils and cookware in the kitchen, it is important to have a tap that is not only durable but also offers a certain style to your kitchen as well. That’s why we have gathered the 7 top places to get your new kitchen taps

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Latest technology

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Singapore has plenty of establishments that sell an array of kitchen faucets. How do you choose where to get one for your kitchen? You need first to have a checklist of places that either sell all kinds of faucets for people with different budgets. Some, focus exclusively on luxury brands, and if these taps are beyond your budget, you should probably consider alternative stores. Some stores only stock taps that sell quickly, so you may miss out on some of the designs and brands that would be perfect for your kitchen because they are not in stock.

The writer of the following article in appreciates that you cannot look at the kitchen faucet without looking at the sink. You need to pay close attention to the type of sink you buy, almost as much as you do the kitchen faucet. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Kitchen Sinks

A hardware store can tell you everything under the sun about kitchen sinks, but they won’t tell you this – sinks aren’t as hardy (or well designed) as we think, and many problems arise over time, ranging from the dirty, unsightly to the dangerous!

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The two main types of kitchen sinks in the market are the top mount and under-mount sinks. As the names suggest, top mount sinks are fixed from the top of the countertop, while the under-mount sink is placed from the bottom. Unfortunately, both types of sinks can store lots of dirt at the seams if you are not keen when cleaning. Sinks also chip or scratch, depending on the type. You should be keen when selecting a kitchen faucet because chances of sink damage are higher when the faucet is low lying.

The process of selecting a kitchen tap and sink is more involving than simply choosing what you like. It is best for you to analyze the pros and cons of the various kitchen faucets and sinks to determine which one is ideal. If you are not buying the sink and faucet combos, you need to make sure than the faucet you choose looks great with the sink before buying it.