Knee Replacement Surgery Procedures in Singapore

Do you have problem in carrying out normal routine tasks? Are you planning to go for knee replacement surgery and in a fix whether to go for it or not? Here is the answer, the article will help you in making up your mind. Knee replacement surgery is not an easy decision for a person. It involves finances as well as intense pain. However, one-time pain of the surgery is better to have painless life ahead.

Currently, there are two types of knee replacement surgery procedures being operated in Singapore, both depend upon the kind of lifestyle one have has and would like to keep in future. More information can be found at Providence’s knee surgery page here.

Total Knee Replacement

This process involves the replacement of the complete knee joint, also the ligament of the knee. This type is considered to be most effective and people undergoing are expected to have long life ahead. The success rate of this type is also pretty high and patient after surgery also feel less to no pain in their knees. When patients are asked, they feel better after surgery, however have to undergo longer time for recovery and coming back to routine life. However, many say they never feel having natural knee since touch of artificial knee remains there.

Partial Knee Replacement

As the name indicates, the partial knee replacement only replaces some portion or part of the knee which is mainly damaged and causing pain. It is similar to a dentist when he cares for the aching tooth by repairing only a part or patch. Doctors tend to reserve the patients who wish to go for partial knee replacement procedures without going for maximum damage to the knee. During the procedure, surgeons only require incision in some portion which is damaged and avoid doing major surgery to the entire knee. There are some benefits of undergoing partial knee replacement, which are:

The recovery time is less, which means faster recovery. It causes less pain. The level of complication after surgery is less in case of partial knee replacement when compared with complete knee replacement.

Patients who undergo partial knee replacement feel their knees in normal position even after replacement. It is due to the ligaments, both at posterior and anterior positions which provides support and stabilize the knee in their position. The only disadvantage with partial knee replacement is that it may not last for long, whereas durability of knee replacement is more in case of total knee replacement. Knee continue to regenerate in case of partial, thus it can cause pain again in the knee after some time of the surgery.

Whether to go for total knee replacement or partial knee replacement, surgeon decides depending upon the situation of the knee, its condition, and how much pain one can bear. Also it is also dependent upon the condition of the knee whether patient can prolong it with partial knee replacement or is needing complete replacement. So, to adopt either one of these, it is better to consult orthopedic surgeon.